Friday, 8 April 2011

Update Main Translation Memories - Could not find file 'myfile.extension' (Update 15.4.2011)

This happened once as we wanted to finalize a project with *.mif files which were merged together into individual sdlxliff files. I couldn't reproduce this case!

(Update) I could reproduce this case. It happens when the SDLXLIFF filetype option "Maximum embedded file size" is set to zero. It has with the merge functionality nothing to do.

Severity Error
Message Could not find file 'myfile.extension'
File myfile.sdlxliff
Origin Update Main Translation Memories

- myfile.extension is the document to translate in native format.
- the error happens also when running a batch sequence including the batch task "Update Main Translation Memories", in particular "Finalize".
- the file is there!! it hasn't been removed.
- the batch task export files and generate target translation doesn't generate any error.

Set the SDLXLIFF filetype option "Maximum embedded file size" to another value so that the file will be embedded
Try the workaround, if you don't want to create a new project / to embed the original file.

make first a copy of the xliff file, in any case. It must be found in the target language directory (e.g. en-US).
Open the xliff file with notepad++.
Replace the expression:
with nothing,
with regular expression activated. See Screenshot.

Use "replace all" if your XLIFF contains many files merged together.

This operation will erase a link to the native document which seems not to be usable through the batch task "Update Main Translation Memories".

After that, you can try again "Update Main Translation Memories" in Studio, it could have worked for your case too! (Update) I tried it again with my second case, it worked well.

With this modification, you can't run the export files or generate target translation anymore:
This means:
EITHER you convert your file back BEFORE you update your TM
OR you update your TM, then you erase the modified file with your backup copy

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