Friday, 24 June 2011

!Patched! Studio: how to exchange file types without losing your mind?

After having created a new XML file type, I wanted to transfer my settings to a project manager colleague of mine, so that he could prepare a new project. I thought the process would be quite straightforward, but guess again, it wasn't. I don't think that this predicament falls under the category of "designed behavior".

My first try:

I named my file type "Bugged" in the following example.
After saving the file type in "Tools/Options", the file "bugged.sdlfiletype" was created in the folder My Documents\SDL Trados Studio\File Types\. I send the file to my colleague.
He tries to "Add" a new file type, but the file was empty!

I discovered the next day that the file type settings are NOT stored in the the "filetype" files. The file type appears to be merely a container of sorts and the settings are stored somewhere else!

so I tried the following...

Second try: 

I clicked the "Export Settings..." button

Everything seems to work correctly: in this case, an sdlftsettings file was created. I sent this file to my colleague. who then wanted to import the settings by clicking the "Import Settings" button.

But to our surprise, Studio did not ask for an sdlftsettings fils. It wanted a file with a plain vanilla xml extension (see above)!!!

What's the hack?

To make a long story short, I analyzed both our PCs only to discover that we were both using difference interface languages: he was using German, and I had English.
In other words, this file setting problem appears to be a localisation issue ;)

Solutions to the problem?

Simply change the file extension (from xml to sdlftsettings and vice versa) or else switch to another interface language.


  1. Maybe try adding the *.sdlfiletype first and then import *.sdlftsettings into it.

    This is no longer necessary in 2011 but should work without a problem in 2009 if you create the filetype first.

  2. Hi Paul,
    the problem here, is that the localisation of the file extension is faulty: the english "sdlftsettings" has been localised in "xml" (for german) (localised or not corrected). So when I follow your advice and click "import settings..." in my german user interface, the prompt ask for an xml file!

    Just try it. Change the UI language...


  3. Thanks Sébastien, I see the problem now. This will be resolved shortly.