Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Studio - Segments won't be stored in my TMs

Working with Project TMs gives you the possibility to control translated segments before they are stored in a main memory, you want to keep clean. It's also a good way to send a project to a translator who can't stay connected to a main server TM: relevant segments from the main TM will be copied in the project TM and sent as a file in the project package. Be aware that working with a project TMs will prevent the translator from writing in the main TM.Updating both main TM and project TM is not possible.

If you decide to work with project TMs, you can use the batch task "Populate Project Translation Memories" either through the task sequence "Prepare"

or through the context menu of the project after creating it.

Project TMs are stored in the corresponding target language subfolder in the "TM" subfolder of the project folder and are named after the project name and the main TM.
-> ".../projectname/TM/fr-FR/projectname_mainTMname.sdltm".

But this is not obligatory: you can also prepare the project without project TM, and choose to include a project TM while creating the packages to be sent to your translators. In this case, the project TMs won't be stored in the project folder.

...Bugs in packages...

We discover recently a bug in our packages.
In the 4th window of the package wizard, you have 3 options connected to "Project Translation Memory":

It's important to use "Create a new file-based project translation memory for every package" if you want your translators to work with a project TM. Studio will create itself new project memories and inserts them in the corresponding package.

"Include the existing project translation memory in every package" doesn't work properly if you created a project with 2 or more target languages. Some Project TMs won't be included in the corresponding packages or a project TM with another language pair will be included, so that your translator won't be able to work with a TM at all.

If you prefere not to work with a project TM, choose the third option...


  1. 'Maintenance' status ('Vedlikehold' in Norwegian) that will not disappear.

    When I try to open a new TM and I also open my document to translate (from Norwegian into Italian) I get a message about the file being in Mainenance status and it is impossible to get translated segments into the TM.
    I am quite a freshman at this game so I do not understand what I am doing wrong/omitting, or other. I have tried to open both, and creating a new TM many times but it just does not work. Can anybody please help me. I have just installed Trados Studio 2011 Freelance.
    I have ticked off the Update post for new translations, as a friend tipped me to check.

  2. Hello Rita L.,
    I don't know about this particular problem. I would need to check your project settings to understand what is going wrong. If you want, you can send me a project package with your project inside and/or a screenshot of your error message at s.desautel (at)